Getting a Loan Without a Cosigner

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Getting a Loan Without a Cosigner

If you are unable to get a loan on your own then a cosigner could be a way to get the loan, but if this not possible then you will need to know how to get a loan without a cosigner.


In order to get a loan you will need to know what the lender wants and to shop with the right lenders in order to increase your chances.

So how can you get a loan without a cosigner?

If you are not able to get approved, don’t just take the lenders word for it, as they’re a few solutions you can use.

Build Credit

If you are unable to get a loan due to bad credit then you need to work on improving your credit. You are always able to rebuild whether you have never established credit or if you have missed payments, but it does take time.

Fix Errors

There could be errors in your credit reports that are holding you back. By having these errors removed, you will see a marked improvement in your credit score.

Borrow Less

Even though lenders might not approve the loan you have applied for they might be willing to let you borrow less without the need of a cosigner.

Banks will look at what your monthly payments would be in regards to your income. They will then attempt to keep the ratio low so you can afford the payments.

Keep Searching

Even if one lender has said no, it doesn’t mean that everyone will. There are many lenders so you need to shop around and try smaller places like credit unions. Also have a look for online lenders, as they might be willing to work with you even if your credit is less than perfect.

Pay Your Debt

Your credit score is influenced by your debt, which also influences your monthly income. Getting rid of your debt will make it easier for you to get new loans.

Pledge Collateral

Your last option will be to borrow against assets that you own and use it as collateral. This is risky as you could lose that asset if you default on payments.

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